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Outdoor Fences

Our superbly crafted fences will make your outdoor additions a beautiful and secure reality. We combine artistry and practicality to create a space that will surely become the gathering spot for family and friends. And we create secure perimeters with various types of fencing.

We build with many different materials including cedar, ornamental, and chainlink. We’re committed to the craft of fence building and serving you with honesty, quality, and value.

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Outdoor Fencing

Cedar Fences

Losli Privacy Fence

Cedar fences have been a staple for many years. Nothing can really compare to the quaint look that a wood fence provides when used to enclose your backyard. We are able to create many different beautiful and long-lasting wood designs.

Chainlink Fences

Chain Link Fence

Commonly used in sports fields, parks, as well as factories, chain link fences can meet a variety of needs. They’re ideal for containing sports, as well as children and pets. In addition, if a chain link fence takes damage, the damaged chain link can easily be replaced.

Aluminum & Iron Fences

Losli Iron Fence

Aluminum and iron fencing gives off a beautiful appearance of a wrought iron fence.Iron material is very strong while unlike iron, aluminum fences won’t rust over time and often are more affordable. As a result, they both require little maintenance. They also tend to provide an elegant appearance.

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